Homemade tomatosoup (also veggetarian available), chickensoup, vegetable- or musterdsoup
served with rye french bread and herb butter
€ 5,25

Bread basket with rye french bred
and herb butter

€ 3,75

Homemade gamé-pate
Pheasant, dear, duckliver, pork meat, toast, slightly salted butter

€ 10,50

Carpaccio of Irish Beef
Truffel cream dressing, toast, Grana Padano pinepits

€ 10,00

Dried, cured ham
Frisée salad, mushrooms, Pedro Ximenez-sirup

€ 12,00

Pear salad with Cashel Blue cheese
Pear, fresh green leaves, blackberries in juice, Irish Cashel Blue (framer's blue cheese), toast

€ 10,00

Classic Caesar salad
Roman lettuce, ansjovy dressing, Gran Padano flakes,  bread croutons

Classic € 9,00
With smoked chicken € 11,75
Twin Salmon
Tartar of home marinated salmon and smoked salmon with classic ingredients  of unions, capers, horseradish cream and toast 

€ 14,50

Appetizer combo (min. 2 pers)
Selection appetizers
€ 11,00 p.p.
Hot appetizers:  
Buffalo chickenwings
Home-marinated chickenwings with 2 dips and celerysticks
€  9,50
Fresh Pasta
Cooked ''al dente'' with shrimps, scallops, garlic and basil
€ 12,50

Homemade beefstew
Mashed potatoes, red cabagge

€ 20,00

Fillet of beef Rijn-IJsselras breed
175 gr. With your choice of sauce

€ 28,50

250 gr. With your choice of sauce

€ 26,00

Veal sirloinsteak
180 gr. With your choice of sauce

€ 22,50
Fillet of pork from the Vechtdal
With your choice of sauce
€ 18,50

Garlic sauce, chips and salad

€ 22,00
Beerbun, tomatochutney, bacon, fried egg, gurkin, chips and mayonaise
€ 16,50

Fillet of salmon
With lentil risotto and Hollandaise-sauce

€ 22,50

Cod filled
Sauce with shrimps and scallop

€ 18,50

Label Rouge farmer's chicken
From the oven, served with fries and a small salad

€ 21,50

Portobello with mushrooms (vegetarian)
Tomato, goat cheese, Beluga lentil risotto

€ 19,50
Mixed carrot stew (vegetarian)
with braised red cabbage and chestnut puree
€ 17,50

Breades ''schnitzel'' (porkcutlet)
Fried onions, mushroom

€ 17,50

Beef liver
Bacon, union

€ 16,75


French fries with mayonais € 2,50
Fried potatoes € 2,50

Steamed vegetables

€ 2,50
Fresh side salade € 2,50

Extra- or different sauce 

€ 2,50

Ham/cheese croquets
Fries, mayonais, applesauce 

€ 9,50
Vegetable croquets
Fries, mayonais, applesauce
€ 9,50

Meat croquet or frikandel
Fries, mayonais, applesauce

€ 9,50
Fresh small pasta
Cooked ''al dente'' with shrimps, scallops, garlic and basil
€ 12,50

Kids ice cream

€ 7,50

Dame Blanche
Vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce

€ 7,95

Honey-vig pie

€ 9,50

With crumble

€ 9,50

Sorbet with freshly cut fruit
3 balls of farmers ice cream, fresh fruit

€ 7,50

All our ice cream is traditionally ,ade at Bosman ice making farm (winner of the regional produce in 2014)