Tree rolls with cheese
Mini rye breadrolls, Caprese, melilot cheese, goat cheese

€ 8,00

Tree rolls with smoked fish
Mini rye breadrolls, smoked salmon, trout, eel

€ 14,50

Hot goat cheese
Rye French bread, walnut, honey, goat cheese

€ 9,50

Whole grain ham, cheese
Biologic whole grain roll, ham, cheese, egg, tomato and cumcumber

€ 8,75 (€ 7,25)

Classic Clubsandwich
Trippledecker toast, egg, bacon, cheese, chicken, lettuce, ham

€ 9,50 

Sandwich Carpaccio
Irish beef, truffel cream dressing, pine pits, Grana Padano, biological whole grain roll

€ 10,00 
Homemade game-paté
Pheasant, dear, duckliver, pork meat, toast, slightly salted butter
€ 10,50

Vechtdal breed ham
Ciabatta with Vechtdal breed dreid and cured ham, sundried tomato, Aceto Balsamicosyrup, cumcumber and pickles

€ 12,00
Appetizer Combo with bread
Selection appetizers with rye- and milkbread
€ 11,00 p.p.
(min. 2 persons)
Homemade tomatosoup (also veggetarian available), chickensoup, vegetable- or musterdsoup
Served with rye french bread and herb butter
€ 5,25

Bread basket with rye French bread
With herb butter

€ 3,75

Twelf o'clock special
Cup of soup, sandwich crocket, sandwicht ham, cheese and fried egg

€ 13,50

Chicken Saté
Chickenthigh with Indian salad and French bread

€ 16,00

2 Crockets with bread
Heeren van Loosdrecht croket, choice of s/w bread, biological musterd

€ 8,00 (€5,25)

Meatloaf ball
180 gr, choice of s/w bread, biological musterd

€ 8,25 

Hamburger Waanders
200 gr pure beef, sesamy roll, ketchup, lettuce, bacon, cheese, fried egg, tomato salsa

€ 14,00

Vegaburger Waanders
Borlotti beans, Grana Padano, Cheddar, young cheese, fried egg, spelt roll, ketchup

€ 10,00

Tosti XXL choice of white or whole grain
- Ham, cheese
- Caprese (mozzarella, basil)
- Goat cheese (guacamole, chicken, peppadew)

€8,75 (€5,25) 


Tree-eggs Waanders
3 Fried eggs, ham, cheese, roastbeef, choice of s/w bread

€8,25 (€7,00)

Tree-egg speciaal
3 Eggs fried with bacon, onion, tomato, melilot cheese

€9,75 (€8,75)

Farmers omelet
3 Eggs, mixed veggies, bacon, patato, choice of s/w bread

€8,25 (€7,25) 

''Huzaren'' salad
Patato salad, apple, ham, pickles, hamrolls, egg, toast, slightly salted butter

€ 10,00 (€ 8,50) 

''Russian egg'' salad
Patato salad, apple, pickles, smoked salmon, smoked trout and smoked eel
€ 15,50 (€12,50)

Pear salad with Cashel Blue cheese
Pear, fresh green leaves, blackberries in juice, Irish Cashel Blue (farmers blue cheese), toast

€ 10,00

Caesar salad
Roman lettuce, Caesar dressing, toasted croutons, Parmesan cheese flakes

Classic € 9,00
With smoked chicken € 11,50

Salad with goatcheese
Mixed lettuce, oven-baked goatcheese warpped in bacon, balsamico syrop and walnuts

€ 11,00

Breaded '' schnitzel''(pork)
Gebakken champignons en ui, friet, groente, mayonaise

€ 17,50

Beef liver

€ 16,75

Ribeye, Bearnaise sauce

€ 26,00

Fillet of salmon

€ 22,50
Roast Label Rouge chicken € 21,50
All plates served with veggies and fries

Ham/cheese croquets
Fries, mayonais, applesauce 

€ 9,50
Vegetable croquets
Fries, mayonais, applesauce 
€ 9,50

Meat croquets or frikandel
Fries, mayonais, applesauce 

€ 9,50
Kids ice cream € 7,50